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Chance to win a free month of training!

In celebration of the movie, Protégé, opening on August 20th, I am offering a chance to win a month of free personal training! Become MY protégé and let me teach you the tips and tricks I've learned over the years.

The package includes: a personalized workout plan, nutrition guidance, calorie calculation, and weekly zoom meetings/checkins. It's an opportunity to jump start your health journey or even just revamp the current plan you're on. There are no obligations to sign a long contract or even be charged after your free month is over. Let me help you...for FREE!

Comment below or send me an email telling me why you would want to win and how I can help.

Winners will be chosen on the film's theater release date: August 20th.

Big thanks to Lionsgate Studios & Allied Global for partnering with me to offer this great deal

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