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First Week

So first week fully back. I'm gonna break down what I think I did right, what I could've done better, and what changes (if any) I'll make.

  1. Eating at deficit: Considering I pretty much ate what I wanted whenever I wanted, it wasn't that difficult heading back into a deficit and tracking. I'm fully aware a beginner would definitely be struggling changing eating habits; however, having done this several times (in a healthy, sustainable way), I knew what I was in for as far as a slight bit of hunger, the time it takes to measure and track, and being mindful of what meals and snacks I would be consuming. Some people might balk at the idea of meals planned out, but honestly (for me) it's nice to stress about one less thing during my day. Good: I kept a pretty tight leash on what I ate, I even tracked my "cheat day" not allowing myself to go too much over (so as to not wipe out any weekly deficit) Bad: I struggled the first couple days getting my protein grams pretty high, but was averaging about 100g a day towards the end of the week.

  2. Workouts: Kept fairly close to my regular workout plan. I work hamstrings, glutes, quads, and back all on separate days. I do a lot of "boring" stuff. I stick to squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and back pulls all with variations of exercise. Most of my exercises tend to be compound (recruitment of more than one muscle/joint) over isolation movements (one muscle/joint). I do occasionally throw some tricep/bicep (isolation) work if I feel like I need a longer rest time between leg exercises. Good: I was deliberately pushing myself to lift heavier and come closer to failure on my main/first exercises. Bad: I'm much more critical of my gym time because I frequently feel like I'm leaving something out or not doing enough. I know I need to keep better records so I can look back at my progressions because that is the driving motivation. Strength gains (along with proper nutrition) will show up in physical results. I probably need more structure too...I tend to just work whatever body part I feel on that day. Lol. Yes, even trainers can be bad at structure.

  3. Sleep: I did start averaging over 6.5hrs of sleep a day, so that's a huge improvement. I have a terrible habit of NOT having a nighttime routine. So by the time I'm way too tired to do anything, I still have to get ready for bed, which being mom means I'm responsible for winding the entire house down, straightening up the house, doing 600 other small tasks before I drag myself into bed. Good: I'm getting into bed earlier...that's about it. Lol. Bad: I really REALLY need to set a routine and make my bedtime a set time. Let's face it...sleep is amazing.

Conclusion: -1lb. I felt like I lost some puffiness, so all in all it wasn't a rough start. My body had declared a jihad on me with getting sick and other things. I'll spare you the details, but I'm sure I was a pound or few heavier than I might have ACTUALLY been, but I really won't know for a few weeks. I'm actually surprised I had lost anything considering my body and I had eaten pretty late the night before.

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Alan Quackenbush
Alan Quackenbush
Feb 12, 2022

Sleep is becoming more recognized as an important piece of training (allowing the body to recover) but also with regards to brain and cognitive health (the time when the brain restores itself as well. Pick up a copy of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's book "Keep Sharp..." where Sleep is identified as one of the five pillars for brain health (along with exercise and nutrition).

Mind, Body and Spirit....all interconnected...


I am hoping to get back in to my routine this week, assuming the weather cooperates since I can’t workout at home. This month has been a real struggle with COVID and some other stuff going on. Really hoping to normalize my routine this month.


Raymond Senior
Raymond Senior
Jan 31, 2022

I am trying to get back on the healthy eating wagon. I think reading your posts helps a lot.

Thanks 😊

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