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Free 4-Week Workout Plan: Weeks 1-4

I will try posting my free 4-week workout plan using Google doc in hopes that this works for everyone. I'm unsure how copy/paste would pull over in a blog, so I'll try this method first. Also, this should allow any changes to be updated when I make them automatically.

I will post some tips on beginning a workout plan that works for me later today or tomorrow.

Throughout this process and my project, I will provide updates, tips, tricks, recipes, etc...

1. This is my personalized workout. This isn’t made for everyone & if you are physically limited, please don’t try to push yourself. I am not responsible for any injury you might incur using my plan.

2. Exercises with 4-8 reps: These are my main daily lifts. I want to challenge myself with these choice compound movements. Once I can easily (with good form) do eight reps with a certain weight, I will move up to a weight that brings me close to failure in the 4-8 rep range. On repeat, this will be the weekly goal because the goal is to gain strength in those movements.

3. Exercises with 8-12 reps: These aren’t the main lifts, but progressively, there should be weight increases with these as well. The weight shouldn’t be as heavy as the 4-8 exercises because I want to be able to squeeze out 8-12 reps (with good form). If my form fails towards the end of the reps, I will not be moving up in weight until I can complete those reps easily with good form.

4. Exercises with 12+: These exercises could be anything from non-weighted to weight isolation movements that should be done easily without much strain. I don’t want to injure myself in any of these lighter exercises.

5. Cardio sucks, but for me, it’s a must. My cardiovascular health is essential to me the older I get, and right now, during my “cut” phase, it allows for a bit more movement in my day. My job is sedentary, so I like to get my 8K steps in where I can, and the treadmill is easy for me. So, at the end of every workout (time permitting), I get my steps as close to my goal.

6. Protein, protein, protein. Protein can be daunting when you see the numbers you’re SUPPOSED to hit, so my best advice is to track how much you’re eating now and try to raise it gradually to 20-40g per meal. Please post your meals to give others some ideas. I frequently scroll IG for inspiration.

7. Progression is the key to my health and wellness journey: small bites but tiny progress bit by bit. Adding 5-10g of protein to your day or meal is a step in the right direction. Progressing your weight even by 2.5lbs is strength progress. Walking an additional 500-1000 steps daily is a step in the right direction…eh?

8. Rest days are as important to muscle growth as lifting heavy and getting protein. Don’t overtrain. Injury keeps you out of the gym and can lead to regression. This doesn’t mean lying on the couch and not moving. Steps are essential still, especially when in a calorie deficit (like I am).

Enjoy, comment,'s always easier as a group. :)

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