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Hamstrings & Core

Now that my schedule is starting to stabilize a bit more, I will get back to posting my daily workouts. I hope to make it look a bit better than this down the road, but for right now it might just be in blog posts

Today's workout:

Crunches 5x25


1a. Kettlebell (KB) straight leg deadlift (DL) 5x15

1b. KB B-stance DL 5x12/leg

Laying leg raises 5x12

KB swing 5x12

Lying leg curl 1x10 (low weight), 5x12 or failure (increase weight each set or until you can't increase anymore)

3 rounds:

a. Banded bodyweight (BW) squats 40

b. Side lying leg abduction 20/leg

Finisher: 100 glute bridges

Cool down: 10min walk at incline

Leave a comment below on more things you'd like to see me post

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