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So I’m trying something new, so it’s going to be pretty rough going the first….100 times, no doubt. However, I’m trying to not to let my fitness work fall to the side while I work on movie reviews/promotions because even though I screen movie after movie, I still make sure to hit the gym and eat (relatively) well.

So my movie reviews are on my (brand new) YouTube channel and I will provide one exercise and one (hopefully) healthy meal or snack that represents each movie I review…so to start it off…I reviewed #AmbulanceMovie

This movie was intense from the jump, it IS a Michael Bay film. So I thought mountain climbers would be a good exercise to tie in (burpees are pretty intense, but the movie didn’t suck that much😅) and my snack would be one for a fast snack on the go Orgain Protein bar 😋

Bare with me, these will be clunky until I can figure out the best way to do all these 🙏🏼

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Alan Quackenbush
Alan Quackenbush
10 de abr. de 2022

Good job!….good to see you back! :)

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