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This is me a good portion of the day.

90% of the time I feel out of my element being a personal trainer. Fraudulent is probably the more accurate term. I don’t record myself a lot. I don’t feel like I have a huge base of knowledge (despite several certifications, specializations, courses I’ve taken, research papers I’ve read, etc…) Actually I constantly ask myself “why did you decide to do this? This is a young person’s career path. Time passed you by”. It’s those very thoughts that keep me from taking any kind of step.

Honestly, all I had wanted was to show people my age that it wasn’t too late to make changes. I just wanted to show you that it didn’t have to be fancy or overthought out either. There’s no perfect way to exercise, there’s no perfect way to eat, there’s no perfect motivational formula. Shit, my message is a simple one: you can hate exercise, have a donut, and still find a way to lose weight that will benefit you, your life, your health, your family, your future. That’s it. My message might not resonate with everyone and that’s ok. You might need your trainer to look ideal, have perfect hair, great lighting, less dogs in the background, but that’s not me. I’m the harsh truth of middle age. It’s not perfect, it can be kind of messy and disorganized, but hopefully relatable.

I will continue to post things about exercise & nutrition that I believe in. Things that maybe I wish I knew when I started my journey. Things that might make sense to you as someone with a few kids, a couple hours, and not a whole hell of a lot of “motivation”. I will continue to find ways to get you free help and support. I will continue to share my mistakes early on. I will continue to have dog hair on my exercise mats, bad lighting, and awkward videos.

No matter how foolish you or anyone else might see me…I’m just not gonna stop.

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