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"What clicked for you for you to lose weight?" That's probably the most frequently asked question I get after I post a transformation photo online. I never know what to say because I know what the person is wanting to hear...or better stated: There is something specific they want to hear so they hear the click and decide to take control of their health. The fact is...I don't have the right answer. No matter what answer I would give you or someone else, it would be the thing I needed to jumpstart MY journey. Not yours. I know each person hopes I'll have that answer that will work for them, too. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't. I know everyone will have a unique situation that catapulted them into a healthier lifestyle.

What I can and will tell you, is there are more people like me who started later in life, who don't see a lot of people on IG we can relate to, and yet we still managed to do it. I will try to share with you a lot of my failures and success, so hopefully one of those topics will resonate with you and you can join me while we both work towards our goals.

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