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Motivation vs Discipline

"I wish I had your motivation"...honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I heard that after posting a progress pic, I'd be a billionaire. Gazillionarie, even. People can't really believe that every day I wake up and feel motivated to workout or choose chicken over a pizza. And if someone is out there reading this that does wake up every day feeling like that....gtfo. I can't even sort of relate to that. There are COUNTLESS days that I whine about having to workout or having broccoli as my side for the third day in a row. I probably whine more than I'm ever pumped to do a workout. But when was the last time I was super excited to brush my teeth? And yet, I brush my teeth every morning and every night. That's discipline. I sort of have this thing about not wanting my teeth to rot away and look like an extra on the set of Deliverance. Why wouldn't you look down at your gut and feel the same way? Perplexing. If you know your teeth will rot from not brushing, wouldn't your body do the same if you aren't "cleaning it"? Shit, you don't even have to eat or workout as much as you brush your teeth, you just have to f*cking do it. Even when you whine through all of it...every day. Quit acting like some people were gifted motivation from the health gods & well, dammit, you didn't get any. It's just another excuse that keeps another day going by without any changes.

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