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Do I struggle?

Hellllllll yes, I struggle. Don’t be fooled by the selfies showing muscles or the seemingly confident smile. There’s a lot of work to appear in control and it is a constant struggle. Do I have my eating under control? Who knows? Compared to who? Maybe to the overall average person out there, probably. But do I have room for improvement? Absolutely. No one should aim to eat perfectly. If I was looking for inspiration or a trainer to help and someone presented them as someone who was a perfect eater…I’d run the opposite direction. That’s waaaaaaay too much stress and pressure for my type of personality. Could it work for you? It might! I’m not here to tell you it wouldn’t. Inspiration takes different forms for different people.

Depending on your age, personality, or stage of life you might be looking for a super structured strict eating plan. I would never discredit an individual’s personal goal. You might be a bodybuilder putting in work for a fitness show and have to monitor your macros for a certain physique. In my opinion, most people are just looking for a way to lose the pounds that crept up, but not looking to give up allllll their favorite foods. Speaking from personal experience even a “relaxed” eating plan while losing weight can still be a struggle.

It’s not a struggle (for me) to eat better most days than not, my struggle is when I don’t monitor my portions, my “I feel full” signal doesn’t kick in. I’m not here to whine and pretend like I’m some victim of genetics/biology, but I have recognized over time that what might make one person keep to one or two Reese’s Cups…well, it’s missing in me. LOL. I used to complain that it wasn’t fair and although, I still might feel like that, the unfairness doesn’t change the facts. If I don’t tell myself “you only have 200 calories, so that means (this portion size)” then I disregard my full feeling. If you have ever felt the same way, I get it! You’re not alone by any stretch, but in the same breath, I’ll tell you…it can be done.

So yes, I struggle. Before that selfie I post, remember that I really really REALLY could’ve wolfed down 8 Reese’s Cups and I might’ve pouted for a second that I have to monitor my calories, but I put on my big girl pants and handled my business. It is possible.

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