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My Way or the Highway

Are you working with a trainer that claims their method is THE way to lose weight? Do you scroll through several Instagram fitness influencers and you find messages shaming you for the version of weight loss that seems to work for you? That sh*t drives me nuts. Everything is slowly becoming a religion in our society and weight loss isn't exempt. Some fitness "gurus" claim to follow the one true God of weight loss, whether it be keto, DNA, hormonal, body type, sugar-free, etc..

Try to remember that in all the noise they all tend to utilize the same method: calorie deficit. Every plan has you cutting down food energy consumption and (perhaps) increasing physical energy.

If one or several of these ways works for all means, do it. Let me be clearer, if any of these methods is healthy and hasn't turned into a fanatical obsession, do it. Follow your God, your way. Use the plan, habits, and lifestyle changes that get you closer to your goals. And if you're looking for a trainer to help you achieve a health/fitness goal, find one that doesn't shame your reasons or roll their eyes at your questions. No one trainer has all the answers, in fact, a good trainer won't hesitate to tell you "I don't know, but I will get back to you with what I can find".

If there are questions or topics I can cover about healthy habit building, comment below

Have a great Sunday! :)

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