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Patience, grasshopper

I posted a pic on Twitter today showing where I am currently as far as muscle tone/fat loss/post holidays, but more importantly it was proof of what I tell clients all the time: a few days of indulgence won’t have an negative effect on you IF you’re consistent throughout the rest of the year. This is why I don’t stress out during the holidays when I eat like an unsupervised toddler. And trust me, I do. I ate whatever I wanted, paid little to no attention to calories or macros. Now it’s true that I did stay somewhat consistent on my exercising, but even then I took that time to reload, rest, and recover. I do this knowing my weight will go up, I’ll get and look puffier, and sometimes just feel overall blah. But I don’t think to myself “That’s it, I blew it…all my hard work is for naught.” I know it’ll take a couple weeks and I’ll bounce back to my former frame. Most of weight loss, muscle building, and aesthetic goals are about a practice in patience. Patience and consistency. I’m more concerned and focused on how I eat between January to December than I am the last two weeks of the year, when I should be enjoying myself and relaxing.

I do believe this is also why I don’t have a better relationship with food and exercise. I don’t believe either of them to be punishments for “bad” behavior. If you made plans this holiday season to work on your health and that resolution already fell to the wayside, it might be because you associated taking care of yourself with punishment. Stop doing that…you have NO idea how good you can feel and it starts with not treating your skin sack like crap.

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