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Free 8 Week Workout Plan - Open Invitation

One of my college courses this semester is a health and wellness course. The project requires that we set one or two health/wellness goals to work on for eight weeks, and since I’m already in my cut phase, I figured I’d use it for this project. On Sunday, I will start a new workout plan (2 four-week plans) and am offering my program for free. Remember that this is the plan I created for myself, so your goals probably aren’t and shouldn’t be the same as mine. Still, it is a free workout plan for anyone who wants to see what plans I make for myself or just looking for something different. I won’t be making home versions or alternating exercise versions because that starts to personalize it for you, and well…. that would cost you.

But you are welcome to join me for the next 4-8 weeks—the more the merrier. I would love to share tips on handling a cut, some of the easy meals I make to hit my protein goals, or commiserate during the process.

My 5-day plan consists of three leg days: glute, quad, hamstrings, and two upper-body days centered around push/pull. You’re free to borrow a day or the whole plan.

I will be working on creating the first four weeks over the weekend and will have it posted here Saturday night because I’ll be starting it on Sunday.

Tip: Whenever I start a plan, I don’t grab the heaviest weights my first week and start slinging. I acclimate to the exercise, perfect my form, and find a starting base weight. It’s okay if the weight and exercises seem effortless and light the first week; consider it a starter week or a deload week from a prior heavy plan. Grab a small notebook and log the weights and reps to know where you’re starting, what weight you used last, and how far you’ve come.


If I have three sets/10 reps of military presses, I will pick a weight I can do easily with good form. I will keep a record of the weight and reps, and maybe a side note saying “simple” so I know to increase my weight when I do them next week. If I can’t complete all ten reps, that’s fine! It means I keep working with that weight until I can progress again.

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