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Side Note About the Free Workouts

The workouts that I post are ones that I do during my gym time. Some reminders: I've been working out with heavy weights & more volume for a while now, so if you aren't able to do the reps that I have posted...NO BIGGIE. Start with a rep count that works for you, but challenges you towards the last few reps. Don't worry about going to failure unless the exercise calls for it. Leave a few (2-3) reps in your tank. The goal isn't to fatigue your muscles to the point of absolute soreness. This is counterintuitive to getting you to the gym frequently and building muscle. If you're too sore to train, you're too sore to build muscle. Simple. should still push and challenge yourself each workout/exercise. You want to see progression, whether it be adding another rep to a set or going up in weight. Don't get comfortable. Grow. Progress. Changes can't help but occur when you use a progression method.

Those that are newbies to the gym, take just 2-4 of these workouts and do them each week. Use a notebook or the notes app on your phone, monitor your weights and reps for each exercise. This will help you see how you're progressing from week to week. Become addicted to those numbers and focus less on the scale.

As always, please check with a doctor (especially if recovering from an injury) before jumping into any exercise routine.

You got this

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