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Start Small

I hate that somewhere along the way we complicated weight loss or, at this point, almost made it shameful.

I'm tired of people throwing so much crap information out there that the basics of health living get lost. Move more, eat less. Sure that's incredibly simplified, but if you can start can always tinker with the details.

The average person (beginner, restarting) doesn't care about anabolic windows, meal timing, macro tracking, metabolic adaptation, etc....

They want to know something small, something easy that they can start today and take away the feeling of constantly failing at creating a healthy lifestyle. They're already overwhelmed by the possibly long term journey, so to tell them they have to start tracking 900 things and change their complete lives is going to make them shut down.

Start small.

Walk 3 times a week for 20-30mins

Do some bodyweight squats

Put some veggies on your plate for lunch or dinner or both

Drink a glass of water when you're at the sink

That's it. Start there. Start small. I'll be here for the rest

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